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If your drain clogs, it can sometimes feel like the whole world comes to a screeching halt. The plans you had later tonight, the comfortable shower you were going to take, or even the comfort food you were going to cook, all of it gets put on the backburner when a drain get clogged. For any handy people out there, or DIY-prone homeowners, it can be an obsession. Move over Moby Dick, this clogged drain is your new white whale!

All jokes aside, it can be stressful and we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to make things simple by splitting a clogged drain emergency into 3 easy steps. If you follow these steps, then you’re going to be in good shape no matter how bad the clog is or how unprepared you were.

Just remember to stay away from drain cleaning chemicals, and call our team for” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>drain cleaning in West Orange, NJ when the time comes!

Step 1: Try to Clear the Clog Yourself

While you might not be an expert plumber, many homeowners still have access to important tools that can be useful in removing a moderate or simple drain clog. Here are just two pieces of equipment that can normally be found in homes that will use different methods to remove a clog.

  • Plungers. A plunger uses a pressurized seal to pull or push drain clogs and loosen them up. You’ve probably at least used a plunger for a toilet, but there are different-sized plungers that work for other drains as well! Try measuring the drain that’s clogged and finding a plunger that’s the perfect size.
  • Drain snakes. Drain snakes use edges and friction to pull drain clogs apart. They look like long snakes with sharp or uneven edges that can grab and cling to the clogging material. These can be some of the cheapest pieces of plumbing equipment to purchase!

Step 2: Avoid Unsafe or Unsanitary Solutions

While you’re trying to plunge or snake a drain clog yourself, it can be easy to run to the grocery store and pick up drain cleaning chemicals, or to start removing pipes in your basement. We want to be explicit that neither of these are good options and will ultimately lead to a less safe or sanitary work environment.

Drain cleaning chemicals are extremely caustic and can often ruin your pipes just as they might dissolve a drain clog. Plus, they release toxic fumes that can hurt your personal health.

Step 3: Call for Professional Support

If you’ve spent a good hour trying to plunge your drain but it’s still not clearing up, then perhaps the clog is more insidious than you thought! At this point, we’d advise you to avoid more frustration by working with a team of professionals like us. We have industrial-grade equipment that can quickly, safely, and easily remove drain clogs in record time. We do this so quickly, that the price of our service still remains affordable for homeowners that are on a budget.” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Call Carbone Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for help cleaning your drains, or clearing your drain clog.

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