Many homeowners are in an awkward spot right now. Winter is going to be over soon, and we’ve had a pretty tumultuous heating season. We’ve been spending more time at home as well, which means you’re probably starting to notice the weird quirks of your heating system. If you’ve been looking for some professional advice as to how you can better treat your heating system before it gets repaired this season, then we can help.

Maintenance and repairs for heating in Wayne, NJ are going to be the most important thing you can do for your system. Though, if nothing is wrong and you’re just looking for an extra boost, we can help. We’ve listed four general tips for heaters in our area that could help you maximize the comfort levels and minimize the bills.

Let’s see if our advice can help you squeeze a little extra out of your heating system.

1: Don’t Forget the Air Filter

Your heater comes with an air filter that’s invaluable to the functionality and efficiency of the system. While it helps your air quality, it’s not entirely designed for your own personal comfort. It’s actually designed to help filter contaminants out of the air that heads into your heating system, so your unit doesn’t constantly get bombarded by dust, debris, pet dander, pollen, and anything else. In fact, those interior components of your heater are so sensitive that they would start breaking down at a rapid pace without the help of your air filter. If you don’t replace this filter every one to three months at least, your system will struggle to take in air and it will run inefficiently.

2. Check and Compare Your Bills

Do you have a neighbor that you keep in touch with? Perhaps you have happy hour zoom calls to pass the time during this pandemic. A good topic to bring up, if you’re looking to invest in the efficiency and effectiveness of your heater, is monthly heating bill. Since you’re both in the same area and pay relatively similar prices for natural gas or electricity, it’s beneficial to compare the prices that you both pay. Are you paying for way more energy or fuel than your neighbor? Then that’s a pretty clear sign you’re suffering from an inefficient heating system.

3. Maintenance Is Always Worth It

Did you skip maintenance this year? Or perhaps you didn’t know that maintenance was a thing? Well, it is, and it’s going to give your heater the extra boost it needs to stay in tip-top shape. Call our team today to see what benefits our maintenance plan provides, and get your heater up to snuff.

4. Stay Vigilant

This might seem like a vague point, but we worded it like that on purpose. There are many sounds, smells, and other alarming clues your heater could give off when it starts struggling. It would take a hundred blog posts for us to list all the little things that could go wrong with your heating system, so the best advice we could give homeowners is to stay vigilant. Keep an ear out for noises, pay attention to bad odors, and call our team if you’re confused about anything.

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