Your bathroom should feel like an oasis in your home. You should be able to come back after a long day of work and have a place to get away and relax. While a hot bath and fragrant candles may help, you may need to take it a step further to get your oasis.

To really transform your bathroom into a personal oasis, you might need a bathroom to remodel. Especially if your space is outdated or losing its function.

But most people tremble at the thought of a renovation. From gutting the space to hiring plumbing services to pick out materials, this is a huge undertaking. But you shouldn’t feel daunted by a bathroom remodel.

You deserve a bathroom that reflects your design sense and aids in your relaxation. With these tips, you can plan your renovation, so it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming task to take on.

Assess What Your Bathroom Needs

Before you start pulling fixtures out or removing tile, it’s a good idea to see look around at your bathroom now and see what areas it is lacking. Taking a moment to reflect before you start doing work will help you save money in the long run.

Reflecting will also save you some time on useless renovations. Instead of focusing on how your bathroom currently functions, experts suggest thinking about how you want your bathroom to function after the renovation.

This can help you decide everything from the fixtures, color schemes, and scope of the renovation.

How Much Renovation

Now that you have an idea about what you want out of your bathroom, you can decide the scope of your renovation. This is a big picture decision that will trickle down to the smallest details. Here are some basic levels of bathroom remodels to consider.

Surface Alterations

This is the least involved of the renovation types. A surface alteration will be great if you already like the layout but want to give the fixtures and details a refresh.

A surface alteration would include painting, swapping out some small details, and updating decor like towel racks or storage.

Replace Remodel

The next level of remodels would be a gut and replace. This is where you would keep the same layout but replace or upgrade your fixtures.

Here is where you’d install a new vanity, overhaul the shower, or replace the flooring. You may also update the systems inside the walls like plumbing and wiring.

Layout Changes

If you’re going for a complete overhaul of your bathroom, your renovation will probably have some layout changes. This can help your bathroom run more efficiently.

These types of renovations include moving some combination of the tub, shower, toilet, or sink. A layout change will require more extensive plumbing and writing work and typically include replacing all the fixtures.

Total Room Renovation

The most complete bathroom remodels is a total room renovation. These types of renovations would include pieces of all the other renovations like layout changes and replacing fixtures.

A total room renovation would also include large-scale structural changes like removing walls, add an extension to the room, or altering the ceiling. The goal of this type of renovation typically is to increase the size, not just the functionality or aesthetics.

Consider Who’s Using the Space

With the scale of your renovation decided, it’s also a good idea to consider who’s using the space. This is a major factor for your bathroom remodel because it will help inform your other remodeling decisions.

A bathroom for a family of five will function much differently than a master bathroom for a couple. You should keep the bathroom users in mind throughout the planning and designing process as well.

Decide Your Budget

Setting your budget is one of the most important steps when planning your bathroom renovation. No matter what the scale is or whether you’re planning a DIY bathroom remodel or hiring professionals, you need to set much money you have to spend.

It’s also a good idea to allocate how much of your budget will go to certain projects. You may want to spend more on a shower and save on the flooring. The good news is that it doesn’t always take a huge budget to create a spa-like feel.

Plan The Layout

If your remodel includes layout changes, this is where you make those decisions. If you’re trying to save money, you want to do as few layout changes as possible. Moving fixtures usually means moving the plumbing, which can add up over time.

But moving around fixtures to create a new layout can help increase the functionality of your room by making the flow better and increasing storage.

Find Inspiration

With the logistical aspect out of the way, you can start thinking of the aesthetics of the space. You can read design magazines and look at home improvement websites to get inspiration for your own bathroom.

You can also draw creative ideas from professional spas, nature, and your own personal style.

Consult Professionals Like Plumbing Services

It’s always a good idea to get a professional’s opinion before you start a major renovation. Smaller projects, like surface alterations, can be done on your own. But major renovations that include layout changes should have a pro on board.

Consult a general contractor, plumbing services, and electrician to start your renovation. They can often help you stay under your budget and provide advice to best complete your renovation.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

Ventilation is often overlooked when planning a renovation. It’s easy to focus on the aesthetics like tiles and flooring and big fixtures like the vanity and shower. But with all the focus on these large-scale changes, small details like ventilations are forgotten.

But ventilation is an extremely important part of your bathroom. It prevents moisture buildup that can create mold and ruin all the work you put into the design. Be sure to plan for proper ventilation either through a vent fan or a window vent.

Add in Storage

A renovation should always add an upgrade to your space, leaving your bathroom better than it was before. One way to make your bathroom better is to add in storage. This is another feature that often gets overlooked in the renovation process.

It’s a good rule of thumb to add more storage than you had before, so you gain rather than lose. Be sure to consider different styles of storage, from furniture pieces to built-in units.

When it comes to storage, it’s often better to have excess rather than be lacking.

Lighting Is Important

A stylish bathroom should have stylish lighting, as well. But you should also consider the lighting in practical terms as well. Experts recommend having different levels of lighting to give your bathroom a true spa experience.

Think of lighting in layers with ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. These can manifest as overhead ceiling lights, under-vanity lighting, and lights around the mirror, respectively.

Lighting the room in layers will create a customized, spa-like look.

Add Style with Tiles

One easy way of adding style and trend to your bathroom is with tiles. Tiles can elevate your bathroom to an oasis no matter what the scale of your renovation is. With a large variety in style, shape, color, and texture, you’re bound to find tiles that you love.

You can achieve a design with maximum impact, visual interest, and warmth by using inexpensive tiles bought at your local hardware store. A floor-to-ceiling shower design and colorful accent wall can both be achieved with decorative tile.

Consider Adding In Technology

In this digital age, technology is everywhere, and that includes the bathroom. This tech can help turn your bathroom into a modern spa. From fixtures that help boost efficiency to add-ons that boost the experience, there’s a device for that.

If you really want to make your bathroom feel like a spa, consider adding a towel warming drawer, a Bluetooth ceiling speaker, and digital shower controls. You don’t have to pack tech into the bathroom to get that oasis-like feeling.

Transform Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

There’s so much noise happening in daily life. Work stress, news updates, and keeping up with friends and family are all fighting for your attention each and every day. With all this going on, you deserve a place to take time for yourself and decompress.

That’s easier said than done in most cases. Taking on a bathroom remodeling project may seem counterproductive to lowering your stress levels. You’ll have to deal with the mess, with plumbing services, with choosing materials, but it’s really only temporary.

Transforming your bathroom into an oasis will be worth it in the long run. Not only will you add value to your home, but you’ll have a place where you can escape daily life.

When you’re soaking in your tub or taking a luxury shower after a long day, you’ll be happy you started that renovation months ago.

Ready to start your bathroom remodel? Allow the best Toronto plumber to take a look at your space to get started.

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