”>×158.jpg” alt=”frozen outdoor spigot” width=”300″ height=”158″ srcset=”×158.jpg 300w,×538.jpg 1024w,×403.jpg 768w,×807.jpg 1536w,×1076.jpg 2048w,×824.jpg 1568w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px”>You’ve packed your swimwear or your snow gear and you’re heading out of town for the holidays. But your return home could be less than relaxing unless you’ve taken a few precautions with your”>plumbing.

Here’s a checklist of six plumbing tasks you should complete before you head out of town this holiday season.

1. Shut it Down Outside

Before you head out of town, take some time to drain your”>outside spigots. When the temperature dips, it can”>freeze your pipes and cause cracked and leaky spigots.

2. Get into Vacation Mode

Take a look at your”>water heater before you leave for obvious signs of any problems. If all looks clear, dial back your water heater temperature or switch your water heater to vacation mode if your unit offers that option.

3. Avoid A Stinky Return

Often we clear out our refrigerator before we head out of town for the holidays and dump a lot of food down the”>garbage disposal.

Take a few minutes to”>clean your garbage disposal to ensure there isn’t food that will stink up your home while you are away.

4. Shut Off The Main Event

One of the best ways to prevent a plumbing disaster while away is to turn off your main shut-off valve. This will stop any water from entering your home.

Make sure you open up your faucets throughout the home and drain the remaining water out of the existing lines after you shut off the main valve.

5. Tinker With Your Sprinkler

If you haven’t turned off the main water value, be sure to turn off your sprinkler system. Unobserved small leaks can add up to a big issue when you get back in town.

6. Prevent Faucet Failure

You’ve likely budgeted for your vacation, so why let a leaky faucet waste money down the drain?

Take a look at this drip calculator that shows homeowners how much that”>leaky faucet is actually costing in wasted water. Be proactive in addressing any leaky faucets before you head out of town.

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If you are headed out of town for the holidays to visit relatives or enjoy a winter getaway, a few proactive practices can make the difference in avoiding a plumbing problem when you return.

Our experts at Carbone The Plumber can help with your holiday plumbing prep. Because plumbing issues never take a holiday, you can rely on our plumbing professionals at Carbone The Plumber for same day service, seven days a week, to keep your home running.

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