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Ductless air conditioners can run into problems just like central AC units! The tricky part is that some problems can be a little different because of the system’s layout and cooling distribution. For instance, a single air handler can break down if you have a ductless system, but the other air handlers will still continue to work (and efficiently too) so it can sometimes be harder to notice there’s a problem.

Also, some of the problems that occur with a ductless mini split system can happen all year round, since the unit is a dedicated heater as well. So sometimes our readers can run into issues that likely get ignored until the next summer, when they’re really a heating problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

Let’s talk about ductless” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>air conditioning repair in Wayne, NJ, and how you can spot a potential problem.

Detecting Problems From Certain Locations

The biggest difference between calling for repairs with a central heat pump and a ductless system is the location of the problem. Central units require ductwork, and that’s going to be the pathway where air travels to get to the rooms of your home. This can be another component of the system that requires repairs at certain points.

However, with a ductless system, there is no ductwork involved. So, that actually narrows down the location of problems from which you can detect a problem! Down below are a few examples of ductless AC issues that we can fix, but you’re going to need to spot if they’re happening to you.

No Airflow From the Unit

If you walk up to an air handler and put your hand out, do you feel nothing? Not even a breeze? If that’s the case, then the system could be broken down and needs repairs. Check out some of the other air handlers. Keep in mind that air handlers work independently, so they’ll continue to provide your home with cooling in other areas even if one is broken down. If they’re all not working, then that’s likely a different problem.

A Foul Odor Comes From the Air Handler

Your air handlers take moisture from the air and deposit it outdoors through a condensate drain. When that drain gets clogged over time, it can mean that a lot of standing water sits inside of the unit while it cools, which can potentially lead to mold growth. This is what we call a “dirty sock smell,” and it’s something that warrants a call to a pro.

The Heat Pump Can’t Mean Your Comfort Demand

Now, let’s say your heat pump is on and all of the air handlers are working. That’s great! Except they can’t meet the comfort levels set on your thermostat and that’s a big problem.

This could likely mean that your system is suffering from a refrigerant leak, to the point where it can still cycle but it’s not able to absorb heat as efficiently or effectively as it should.” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Call Carbone Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for ductless services you can count on.

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