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Has your water pressure dipped making your showers less enjoyable or your bathtub an ordeal to fill up? You may have water pressure issues. Here are 7 reasons why your water pressure might be low and what to do about it.

  1. Take a look at your home’s main shut-off valve. You can find it where the main water pipe enters the home. If the wheel is not twisted all the way open or if the level handle is not parallel to the pipe, that can limit the flow of the water.
  2. Check that your water softener is working properly. An improperly functioning water softener can cause a sudden change or decrease in water pressure. Servicing your water softener likely requires a professional technician.
  3. Low pressure at a singular faucet might be caused by a clogged aerator. An aerator is that little screen on the end of the faucet that can sometimes get rusted or clogged by debris. You can easily unscrew the screen from the faucet, clean it and reattach it.
  4. A build-up of minerals and other sediment in your home’s plumbing can cause a reduction in water flow in older homes. Improving water flow within your home’s plumbing system could require the replacement of corroded or blocked plumbing. This is the job of a licensed plumber.
  5. A faulty pressure regulator could be to blame for your low water pressure. This regulator acts as a control for the water pressure coming from your service line into your home. A defective regulator can affect the water pressure throughout the home at the same time. A licensed plumber can determine if your regulator is to blame and can fix it safely.
  6. A cracked or leaking pipe within your walls or under the foundation of your home could be the culprit behind a drop in water pressure. A professional can find the leak and repair it before it becomes a major issue.
  7. Sediment build-up in your hot water heater can create a water pressure slowdown. Routine maintenance of your water heater by a professional to make sure all components are functioning properly can help cure your home’s low water pressure issues.

If you are unhappy with the low water pressure in your home, Carbone The Plumber can help. We offer water booster pump installation in your home to solve that low flow issue. Our professionals can help determine if your low water pressure is caused by an issue in your home or if your home could benefit from a water booster pump. Call us today for a pressure-free appointment!