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You’ve got a home automation app for everything from turning on your oven to closing your garage door. But how about using this same smart home technology to save you thousands by preventing a major plumbing issue or saving you money on your water bill?

Smart home automation is helping to make our lives easier so it’s no surprise that smart plumbing technology is becoming part of the high-tech highway.  Check out these ways smart home automation is working with your home’s plumbing system today.

Smart Leak Detectors

Perhaps the most important home automation system you can install for your home’s plumbing is a smart leak detector. This device alerts you when it detects water from appliances where it shouldn’t be and can send a notification to your phone while you are away!

Whole-Home Leak Detection System

New to the market is a whole-home water monitoring system that can not only detect if your home has a leak in its plumbing system, but it can identify its location and alert you via your smartphone. The technology also enables it to shut off a water supply line if it detects an issue. That’s a gamechanger when it comes to preventing costly water damage.

Smart Appliances

From faucets that automatically fill to the desired level, to washing machines that can be activated remotely, smart appliances are helping homeowners conserve water and energy.

LED Temperature Monitors

If you have small children or love your bath at a specific temperature an LED temperature monitor is for you.  Smart fixtures and appliances offer an LED screen that enables you to read when the water has reached your desired temperature.

Smart Irrigation System

Have you ever been annoyed that your sprinkler system set on a manual timer activates no matter what the weather? Save energy with a smart home irrigation system that adapts to weather changes and tracks soil status to prevent your landscaping from getting over or under-watered.

Smart Sump Pump System

Prevent basement flooding with a smart sump pump system that gives you real time data, smart diagnostics, and early warnings about your sump pump activity.”>Sump pumps work in your basement or crawl space to ensure groundwater does not rise to the level of your basement floor and cause a flood. You likely don’t realize it’s working but you will definitely know if it is not! Sump pumps pump the water up and away from your home. If your sump pump fails, is inefficient, or is in need of maintenance, the smart pump system can send an alert to your mobile device so you can avoid major basement flooding.

Choose Carbone The Plumber for Smart Home Automation Plumbing Technology

Smart technology is flooding into our daily lives. Why not let this technology help you conserve water and save you money by preventing costly repairs? Smart home technology is easier than you think to integrate into your home’s plumbing system. Our experts at Carbone The Plumber can help you navigate the smart home technology field and make it work for you.”>Contact Carbone The Plumber online or call our team at 800-950-4619 to learn more about our smart home automation plumbing technology.